Skiing Andermatt

After getting a taste on the previous day, we went skiing again on Thursday. This time to Andermatt. A little further away, but higher up in the mountains, in a more alpine setting. Also a much larger resort. I sent some pictures from Wednesday's outing to Christian, who didn't need any further convincing to spontaneously skip a day of work and join us instead.

This is my church ;-)
Torsten, contemplating all the terrible life choices that got him to this point.
Sören, Christian, Torsten.

It turned into another picture perfect day. We covered more than 80 kilometers. I reached a top speed of nearly 85 km/h, according to Strava the 4th fastest descent ever for that particular run. Following my brother's wishes (stupid snowboarders!) we even sampled the ramps in the fun park. I have to admit this worked better when I was a teenager ;-P I went in too fast and got cold feet at the last minute, screwing up my approach and crashing on land. No harm done, but somewhat intimidated to try more jumps. I still have all the metal pins, plates and screws in my body from the big accident in 2013. One consequence of that is that any bones I break now will come with additional complications, so I better avoid that. Another issue is that I can barely bend my ankle far enough to fit a ski boot. This means I can only crouch down so much. It also inhibits circulation in that foot, so my toes go numb, requiring regular massages on the lifts. Anyway. We skied until our muscles started giving out and went home in a satisfied state of exhaustion.

Torsten, followed by Christian, on a black run.
Christian on one of the red "Superhighways".
And up again.
Seemed more intimidating in real life.
Final run down to Andermatt as the sun is going down.

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