Skiing Kitzbühel

Second day of solo skiing during our vacation in Austria. I started close to our hotel on the Pinzgau Panaroamabahn. The idea was to work my way North via a bunch of linked ski resorts all the way to Kitzbühel and back. It was an overcast day with even a bit of rain, but still great skiing. Many slopes were deserted because few people ventured out in these conditions. In the end I couldn't make it back on skis because a crucial lift had technical issues and wasn't running for the rest of the day. So I had to return by bus. Still it was a good idea to go all the way to Kitzbühel because just a few days prior the famous Hahnenkamm race took place there. I got to run the official race course with all the markers still on the snow. Great fun. I got completely destroyed by a bunch of 10 year olds and their ski instructors though. They were doing loops on a part of the race track and were just crazy fast and good. The kids casually jumped out of the lift, raced down the mountain at breakneck speeds and continued their chatter and gummy bear eating on the chairlift as if nothing happened in between. Impressive.

This was an impressive gondola! It connected two ski resorts by spanning an enormous valley. The cables are hanging free, only supported at the two terminal stations. Cool engineering.
Some off-piste fun.

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