Skiing Pizol

We celebrated Lukas' baptism back in January. A big family event with us hosting nearly two dozen people at our apartment. That weekend marked the beginning of a two week vacation. The first of which my brother Torsten and wife Sarah stayed with us for some relaxation. My mom shuttled the last of my thirty year old Lego kits from my parent's house in Germany to Switzerland, so we spent a few days crouched on the floor sorting through Legos and building stuff with Leonie. Great fun. Very hygge ;-)

First ride up, expecting good things in our immediate future.
Uh yeah!
Torsten on a typically overcrowded run.

Torsten and I got to go skiing on Wednesday. We chose to start the season in a relatively small resort: Pizol. It's just an hour's drive away from home. Our expectations were rather modest, but it turned into a day of skiing so good it should be illegal. The weather was picture perfect. Blue skies above and a sea of clouds below. No wind. Perfect snow cover. And best of all: nobody around. We almost felt sorry for the resort - it was almost like we had rented out the entire place to ourselves. There's no way this was a profitable day for them. But we certainly had a total blast. We skied until our legs wouldn't carry us any more and raced down the slopes grinning like stupid maniacs.

Clouds over Liechtenstein.
Torsten speeding towards me.
Coming over the crest. This backlight looked even cooler in real life.
One of the few black runs in the resort.
Thumbs up indeed.
Mission accomplished.

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  1. owwww...wäre auch so so gern dabei gewesen!!sieht mega aus!!alles liebe aus Berlin