Skiing Wildkogel

In another life, when vacations were still a thing, in January, before the Corona pandemic, we spent a week in the family hotel Habachklause in Austria. Leonie was about to turn three years old, so by Swiss standards it was high time to put her on skis (a more cynical view would be that she has to hurry up if she wants to experience skiing at all before the climate catastrophe destroys all snow in her lifetime). She enjoyed the activity well enough, but unfortunately the course didn't work out so well. She was by far the youngest kid in a large group and had trouble understanding the instructor's Austrian German instructions. Thus she was too intimidated to stick with it through the week. So we went sledging instead. Both on the baby slope behind our hotel but also the multi-kilometer runs down from the ski resorts.

A fresh dump as seen from our balcony.
What dads are for ;-/
Lukas' first gondola ride.

I got two days of solo skiing. I went to the Wildkogel Arena first. I originally wanted to take it slow to warm up, but then decided to try to ski every run they have. Ended up covering 85 horizontal and 10 vertical kilometers. Good day!

Playground with a view.
Not too bad!
View of our hotel. Tugged into the upper end of the valley just before the forrest starts. Beautiful location.
My day on the slopes.

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