After this short intermission by Volker (thanks buddy!) BuschnicK is back with some brand sparkling new keyboard kung-fu for your entertainment. After a much too early start (well, 9o`clock anyways) we arive in Cork in the early evening. We check into a hostel where Volker shares a room with 3 other cyclists. One of the women cycled from England to India on an earlier 6 months long tour. My own rommates prefer sleeping to talking.

For our fare-well meal we go to a fancy Thai restaurant. Great food and for the first time in my life I witness someone having sweat run down all over his face from eating - Volker dared ordering a hot dish. Obviously this is a place where you get what you ask for ;-) We discover that there are no more shows at the movies after the ones starting at 8, so we talk through the night instead.

Having a friend along and being able to talk and have some real conversations again after all those lonely months was really good. And I was very impressed by Volker going along with my style of traveling. For him it was a 180degrees turn - he is used to staying at the most expensive hotels in town, star chefs and all that luxury resort stuff. Quite a difference to camping on solid rock and cooking your own food after cycling all day. I think thats a healthy excercise for everyone: give yourself a task, put yourself in a difficult situation and solve problems without resorting to money as a solution. Do not call the carpenter, do not stay in a hotel, do not go to a hairdresser, do not call a taxi - improvise, do it yourself. You'd be surprised at your own resourcefulness and other people`s willingness to help.

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